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We usually stay at a motel with a pool so we can swim in the pool or in the ocean. It’s always an adventure as we travel in a large group. As you can probably tell, wherever we are, wherever we go, our lives are centered around children. We just can’t wait to share all of these experiences with a child we can dote on.


People tell me I am down to earth and a good listener. I really love children and am so excited to become a mom. I’m a journalist and I edit news stories about TV stars or singers. Sometimes I work on related issues too, like how deafness is represented on TV or in movies, or a cultural trend about American Sign Language. I recently edited articles on the movies “Encanto” and “Luca,” as well as features about what to do over the weekend if you’re in the New York area (think movies, parks, museums, festivals), about comic book superheroes, and about celebrations for MLK’s Birthday.

Hi! Our names are Debbie and Ted. Thank you so much for taking the time to learn about us. Although we do not yet know you, we admire your courage in making this decision to consider an adoption plan for your child, and are grateful that you are considering us to be your child’s very lucky adoptive parents. We know that this is a difficult decision for you and one that you are making out of love and in the best interest of your child. Hopefully this letter will give you a better understanding of who we are and all the love, warmth, support and encouragement we hope to share with a child. We love children and have always hoped to become parents. Should you bless us with your child, we would love and raise your child as the tremendous gift that you have given to us. We wish you peace and comfort as you make this decision.

We would like to start by telling you a little bit about ourselves to help you make your decisions.

Debbie visited Danielle and Samantha every month or two in Philadelphia when they were little – when they played peekaboo and hide and seek. They grow up so fast! The visits would allow Debbie’s brother Marc and his wife, Maureen, to have a little bit of a break.  Danielle plays the flute, just like Debbie did when she was growing up.


Ever since I was little, I knew that I wanted to follow in my father’s footsteps and become a lawyer, and was lucky enough to make that dream come true as I now practice law in NYC.  I find that it is a good way to help people while also indulging my love of arguing. In addition, I like trivia contests, crossword puzzles and books, especially about history. I also watch a lot of sports, especially football (go Bills!) and soccer.  In addition, I’ve developed a love of cooking over the years- Debbie swears by my quiches, but I think my best dishes tend to be pastas. 

DEBBIE’S STRENGTHS (as written by Ted)

Debbie loves children passionately and is endlessly creative, able to make up a steady stream of songs, jokes and stories that endear her to our nieces and nephews and our friends’ children, as well as having the respect and patience to play with them for hours. I can’t wait for her to be a mom so that she can share these qualities with your child. Between that, and the practical experience she gained helping to raise her younger brothers, there’s a good reason why her friends call her “the Baby Whisperer.” She loves music, art, children’s movies and board games. More importantly, she is also the warmest and most empathetic person I know.

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We get together with Ted’s family at his sister’s each December, and are usually joined by his uncle Gabe, aunt Cindy and cousin Marina. We do a Secret Santa thing where we each pick a person’s name in advance, and we have to get gifts that are thoughtful but inexpensive. One year, Debbie got a pair of pink pig mittens that she still wears. The kids always get other gifts, too – books, toys – and we all ooh and aah as they open the gifts. 

The real gift, of course, is just being together. We sing songs and eat homemade cookies and pie (Ted’s lemon cake is always a hit). It is a lot of fun to see everyone and everyone is in good cheer. 

To complete the holiday extravaganza, we also go to visit Ted’s family to have a second Thanksgiving the next day. Ted’s sister, Viv, lives near Debbie’s cousins in New Jersey with her husband, David, and twin boys, Adam and Leo. Grandma Helene and Grandpa Alex live close by in Pennsylvania, and they arrive to delight, too. We play games in the playroom – like MadLibs or playing with remote control racecars. Outside, we play soccer or basketball. We are very silly over the meal. Adam and Leo usually have some kind of mischief up their sleeves and like to play jokes on Grandma and Grandpa. They love getting their dessert, too, and showing off their knowledge of maps and Dungeons and Dragons. (These kids!!)

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We both love games, so it’s fitting that we met at a trivia night in Midtown Manhattan. Ted saw Debbie across the room and came over to introduce himself. Debbie asked where Ted was from and, after learning it was near the Jello factory, started discussing a recent news story about Jello turning the local river pink – later, Ted traded with someone in order to sneak onto Debbie’s team. The rest is history – we hit it off and things just took off from there. We are very whimsical and funny when we are together. We are very responsible people, yet we don’t take life too seriously. We find joy in the everyday, mundane parts of life and we take time every day to express gratitude, as well. We hope to pass along our joy in life to your child should you choose us to be adoptive parents.

Growing up, I (Debbie) loved music and thought I’d be a musician. I also kept diaries and wrote about my family and friends, and I wrote some stories and poems. So I turned to journalism because of my love for writing.  I found a mix of my two loves as I work on so many music articles currently, too. I love exploring world music like Moroccan rap music or songs from West Africa or in Spanish, or listening to artists like Lizzo. I still indulge my childhood love of dancing, even if just dancing around the house, and I dabble in art projects like watercolors, coloring and collaging. I am so excited at the idea of finger painting and more with a little one! 

Danielle and Samantha live near Philadelphia; Jason lives on the Eastern Shore of Maryland; and Mason (yes, they rhyme!) lives near Greensboro, North Carolina – with his stepbrother Sammy.

We love to play games – games that involve pure luck or silliness (like Uno or Pictionary type games), and those that benefit from some strategy (in Scrabble, or Ticket to Ride). We take day trips when we can, seeing Coney Island or riding bikes at a sculpture park. We also have had season tickets to watch NYCFC play soccer at Yankee Stadium. Ted comes up with new recipes or makes our favorites, and Debbie tends to plants. We make a great team. We also love regular visits with Ted and Debbie’s families. Both families are so eager for us to add a child to the mix.

We hope this has helped you to learn about us and the kind of life we would be honored to offer your child. We would be thrilled to learn more about you and your dreams and aspirations for your child.

Please feel free to call or text us: 800-243-1658. If you would like to email us, here’s our email: If you have any questions about us or the legal process, please feel free to contact our attorney, Suzanne Nichols.  Suzanne will be happy to speak with you.

Whatever decision you make, we wish you peace and comfort.

With Love,

Debbie and Ted

In the late afternoon, there is turkey with all the fixings. People mingle throughout the day in the living room, and we love to watch home movies of previous gatherings and see our favorite family members and their antics. (One year, a cousin’s pants fell down while he was refereeing a game! Another year, the cheerleaders were organized and wore uniforms. Some years, family members were interviewed about the day to make home videos that can be heckled on future Thanksgivings.)

Probably the most important things we would try to teach your child are confidence to try new things, curiosity, creativity and the love of reading. We both grew up surrounded by books and our parents made time to read to us every night, gifts that we cannot wait to pass on to a child. Debbie is also eager to pass on her mad flute skills and love of painting, while Ted looks forward to involving a child in his kitchen science experiments (or, as he calls it, “cooking dinner”) and share his love of the birds and animals in Central Park.

Having grown up in sports-mad households, we both think that sports and other physical activities are great for any child.  What form that takes will depend a lot on what the child enjoys, but whether it’s basketball or ballet, soccer or swing dancing, we think it’s vital that he or she spend a lot of time running around with his or her friends doing some kind of physical activity.

TED’S STRENGTHS (written by Debbie)
Ted is great with children. He is very solid and reliable, and is able to approach life with a sense of humor – he takes everything in stride and this can be very calming. I know these are qualities that will make him a wonderful dad. He is also compassionate, empathetic and loving. He is also very patient. He has very strong family values.


Every year, our block closes for a Halloween block party and every house tries its best to have the spookiest decorations – there are spider webs at each set of steps, coffins, huge spiders and lots of ghosts hanging from the webs. Pumpkins are everywhere. The neighborhood kids all get dressed up for trick or treat. We just have a sheep costume and a set of morph suits - but we love the holiday and we love giving out treats. Growing up, it was Debbie’s favorite day and she sometimes used to dress up very creatively, using a metal colander for a crown when she was a princess, for instance. (Or not so creatively, using a white sheet to be a ghost outfit.)

Mason is athletic too and is very serious about baseball. He wants to be a professional athlete one day. When we go to North Carolina (usually at least once a year) to visit Mason, Sammy, Eddie and his wife, Sierra, we go to the aquarium in Greensboro or for hikes in the woods. There is also a basketball hoop for a quick game with the kids. 

​Every summer, we go to Ocean City, Maryland, with Debbie’s brothers and sisters-in-law and nieces and nephews and we have a blast. After spending the day on the beach, we go down the boardwalk and play ski-ball and other arcade games. We have also tried go-karts, paddle boards, bike-riding, mini-golf and next up is Segways. 

The last couple of years, with the pandemic, we have made our own turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie – Ted really loves to cook and bake and is always cooking up a storm in the kitchen. We also saw our family on video. People dialed in from all over for the big get together that is Debbie’s family and there was a lot of joking about people forgetting to turn off the mute button. Everyone was very grateful for all of the good things in their lives. Ted’s family Zoom was very fun too – we played Scattergories and Pictionary, while trying to figure out how to undo all of the silly Zoom filters Adam and Leo managed to put up. 


Thanksgiving is a very big holiday in our family. We are a very close family, and we usually gather from near and far at the home of Debbie’s cousin in New Jersey. There are a lot of cousins, as Debbie’s grandfather grew up on a dairy farm in New Jersey and had a lot of brothers and sisters. The cousins (or before them, their parents) have hosted a Thanksgiving like this for 40 years! Everyone brings foods (Ted bakes a mean pumpkin pie!) and we set up lots of card tables for eating. There is always a football game right outside in the front yard, where the “old-timers” are matched up against the younger folk. There aren’t many rules – people just like to run around and have fun. There is usually a contingent of fans/cheerleaders too. It doesn’t matter how cold it is or if there is a little snow: we are nothing if not dedicated. Ted plays ball and Debbie cheers. Grandma Sharon loves her time with all the grandchildren. Uncle Arthur and Aunt Annette are part of the fun. Children of all ages are engaged throughout the day. We can’t wait to add your child to this incredible celebration. It is all quite magical, and is a highlight of the year.

Ted: I grew up in Rochester, New York. My mother, Helene, had her own business designing training programs for companies and my father, Alex, was a lawyer. More importantly, they created a warm and loving home for my sister, Viv, and myself, with a great emphasis on education and a never-ending supply of smiles and laughter, virtues that I hope to pass on to a child. It is also because of them that I grew up as a huge fan of sports, especially football and soccer, and love cheering on the Bills and NYCFC. My Uncle Gabe and Aunt Cindy were also a big part of our lives. 


We usually spend time each Spring with Debbie’s stepmother, Rosalyn, her step-aunt, also named Debbie, and their nieces and nephews and great nieces and great nephews. There are so many of us that we have to use a huge community room in the apartment building in Maryland where Aunt Debbie and Rosalyn now live. Rosalyn and Debbie have been known to take their grandchildren or great-nieces and nephews to the aquarium, and to museums, too. Debbie’s father loved the holidays at this time of year. Sadly, he left us too soon. But we are still close to Ros and Debbie and talk at least once a week.

Debbie and I have interests that cover a wide range of topics.  We hope to share our passions and interests with your child so that he or she can discover what their talents and passions are.  If your child’s talents and interests are different than ours, we want to learn as much about them as possible and encourage him or her to explore them.


We love our nieces and nephews, and they are in different states, which means we get to see a lot of places. Adam and Leo live in New Jersey.

Please call/text us 800-243-1658

We all love good stories and jokes. (In fact, Ted’s sister and father have each written books and always have a good tale. Sometimes, we make up a story by each adding a few words as we go around the table. “I Spy” is also a favorite game.)

Family is very important to us, and some of the most important time we spend with them is during various holidays.  

Debbie: I grew up in Silver Spring, Maryland. My mother, Sharon, was a nurse and my father, Eugene, was a computer scientist. They divorced and my mom remarried, and my stepfather, Isaac, was a French teacher. (We spoke French at home and Isaac would make a lot of food from Egypt, where he was born and raised.) My father remarried, too, to Rosalyn, and she was also very warm and loving. 

We plan to have elaborate Halloweens in the tradition of Debbie’s grandmother who also loved the holiday and would dress up like a scary witch each year. We can’t wait to have a child to share in these fun activities. Debbie is already imagining costumes for a little boy or girl!

At these get-togethers, if the kids aren’t cheering on the football players or playing football, there are always arts and crafts tables where they can make macaroni necklaces or color. Sometime in the afternoon we all squeeze in for a group photo, which takes a long time to arrange but is always nice to take home.

Please call/text us 800-243-1658

Please call/text us 800-243-1658


We are so excited to become parents. We live close to Central Park and we are there every day, walking around the duck pond or meeting up with friends from one place or another. We often walk through the North Woods to the Harlem Meer and back around the other side of the park – so we are sometimes walking for miles at a time and with the woods, it feels like a whole other world. We love to read and spend time with family and friends.


We hope to raise a child surrounded with unconditional love and support as they head out into the world.  We will treat this child with respect and kindness, take an interest in their activities and opinions, and we will always be good role models.

Jason, who is the son of Debbie’s oldest brother, Dave, loves superheroes, all things Pokemon, lacrosse, and has recently taken a cooking class. He, along with our other relatives, are so excited about us adopting and adding a little one to share in the mix.

Please call/text us 800-243-1658

Also, and possibly most importantly, we hope to raise a child surrounded with lots of good friends.  We live in a child-friendly neighborhood with many playgrounds, so your child will get to spend lots of time playing with and learning from the many other children growing up in our neighborhood.

Please call/text us 800-243-1658

Growing up, I (Debbie) spent many weekends with my father and Rosalyn, going to my brothers’ sporting events, or to Orioles baseball games or Capitals hockey games, and to the many museums in Washington. (My father’s favorite was Air and Space so we learned a lot about astronauts.) My grandparents were a big part of our lives too and we saw them almost every day as they picked us up from school or took us to flea markets very early in the mornings on some weekends. My mom, who is artsy, encouraged my creativity as I explored ballet and modern dance, as well as fashion (I used to sew my own clothes). Our parents can’t wait to for us to have a child for them to spoil.